7 Celebrity Bermuda-Shorts Looks to Re-Create


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Lately, there seems to be one question that’s collectively plaguing the fashion industry: Are Bermuda shorts back? I’ve had countless conversations over dinner and at previews, and I’ve read numerous stories from fellow editors and seen the conversation spark up on Twitter about Bermuda shorts. Undoubtedly, there are plenty of other things to talk about in the world or even other trends, but this style has somehow reentered the chat. And as controversial as the following statement may be, I’m here for it. 

I must confess that I will always be averse to short shorts. If I’m going to bare it all, I’d rather wear a miniskirt. But the return of Bermuda shorts has been speaking to my soul as of late, and it’s because they feel fresher than ever. We’ve seen this style make its return on the runway, and it’s become a steadfast part of the celeb set’s wardrobe, cementing the fact that this silhouette is indeed back. But if you still don’t believe it, you’ll want to keep scrolling, as I’ve found seven celebrity Bermuda-shorts outfits that prove once and for all that they’re back. Plus, I’ve shopped out the key pieces to re-create each look, just in case I can convince you to join the cause. 

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